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Learn more about the story behind Papa Vintage, about our team and what you can expect from us in the future.

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Your vintage online shop for original vintage t-shirts

Papa Vintage is a german vintage online shop for original vintage t-shirts of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Our curated selection covers band shirts of real rock legends and original Harley Davidson biker shirts, as well as batik, comic and movie shirts. For all of our shirts we make sure to only pick authentic licensed prints and manufacturers and no modern reproductions!

One of the highlights of our Vintage Online Shop is the Papa Premium selection, for which we have collected particularly valuable vintage t-shirts. These shirts have been alive and worn for up to 40 years for a reason! In the 80s and 90s garments were still made in smaller batches and in very high quality. Our premium shirts are made of high quality cotton, or the popular 50/50 material, they are “Made In USA” and feature a copyright sign with a year indicating their authenticity.

The easiest and nicest way to dress sustainably

In addition to the cool prints, soft washed cotton and uniqueness of secondhand t-shirts, buying vintage fashion also represents the nicest and easiest way to dress sustainably. For us at Papa Vintage, as a vintage online store, sustainability therefore is at the core of our company. Our packaging choices are focused on being mindful of natural resources and the environment. We are very proud to be able to ship 100% plastic-free and to exclusively work with paper made from grass fibers. Grass paper can be obtained as a local raw material from native German meadows, which protects wood as a raw material and avoids long transport routes. In the production process, the processing of the grass pellets can also be solely achieved mechanical and without the addition of water and chemicals.

Good to have you with us on this journey

At the end of 2019, we, Kathi and Nico, founded Papa Vintage in collaboration with our team member Megan from Los Angeles. With our online shop for vintage clothing we want to participate in making vintage shopping easier and more convenient for all of us. We also wanted to find a way to bring the diversity of the American secondhand culture to Germany.

Los Angeles will continue to be our primary sourcing location, which is why we will continuously post pictures and travel impressions of our personal vintage paradise. Currently and together with Megan, we are expanding our network and local contacts, so you can already look forward to bigger drops and an increasing selection of American vintage fashion in the future!